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There is no greater expression of self-love than embracing a healthy lifestyle. Hence, it is important to know what is good for you and what is not. You can use this knowledge to help your loved ones also lead a healthy, happy life! My name is Jennifer Sitterud, and I am a mom of five.  In my lifestyle blog, I look forward to sharing with you snippets of my everyday life, as a fitness guru as well as a mother of five.

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Tutus and Jerseys

About Motherhood

Motherhood is indeed a beautiful phase of life. But it also brings with it its own share of challenges. Being the mother of five, I hope to offer some insights on mastering the art of multitasking to help other mothers! Evoke the supermom in you! Learn More

Tasty And Healthy Recipes

Nothing can beat the taste and the nutritional value of home cooked food. If you would like to prepare some yummy, healthy dishes for your loved ones, check out the recipes I use. My kids just love them. Learn how to serve a plate full of love. View Recipes

Holistic Wellness

Pride and efficiency are two core values I adhere to. I’m proud of my work and strive to improve its quality. I also wish to impart the values of love, kindness and gratitude. Apart from these, I also offer solutions for holistic health and tips on skincare.Embrace a healthy lifestyle with Tutus and Jerseys. Health Tips